Look4Apps - Fast, Efficient, Smart and Useful WebApps

At Look4Apps we strive for excellence in design, usefulness and usability. Good apps are relevant, engaging, satisfy a clear need and are appropriate for the audience. Our apps are clear, concise, functional and implement mobile-first designs. We design for mobiles, and the designs are responsive for displaying on large screens such as pads laptops and PC's. So the designs are responsive upwards towards larger screen sizes, not the other way round. This means the inevitable compromises in design are mobile first as a priority

Navigation and Structure

Our apps have good navigation and structure and are intuitive, logical and provide elegant simplicity. The key is providing what users want - easily and without unnecessary frills and lags.

Visual Design

The aim of the visual design is high quality, simplicity and relevance for what the audience wants and needs. The visual experience should be elegant, simple and above all else satisfactory in delivering what users want in the way they want it delivered.


Excellent functionality means the site is logical, simple and works well. The app should load quickly and the buttons, links and data input should be large and easy to use via tapping and swiping on small screens. The apps should work on all platforms and all types of browsers independent. Excellent functionality puts the users needs and experience at center stage with the technology and framework and site machinery invisible and out of the way.

Interactivity with the User

The interactivity needs to be clear and precise and make it easy for a user to interact with the site in the easier way possible. It allows the user to give and receive with accuracy and precision.